About VAM

Professional Development
VAM participants have the opportunity to intern at a local business, ministry, or social service agency that is related to their field of study. Participants attend their internships, developing skills and receiving mentorship from a supervisor there. 
Spiritual Development

Interns spend their remaining time in a mixture of worship, training, and service. Seminars focusing on relevant social justice issues help interns to connect their faith to the world around them. Hearing from guest speakers allows interns to see first hand how others are applying their faith to their vocation. Participating in local service projects together gives interns the opportunity to experience their community in a new way.

Partnership with Congregations

VAM works in collaboration with participants’ home congregation and congregations in Franconia and Eastern District Conferences. A portion of VAM participants's time will be spent serving and being a part of their congregations community. This is done through attending and participating in Sunday services, and involvement in other aspect of the church ministry, specific to the intern's interests and gifts. 

Mission Statement

The mission of VAM (Vocation as Mission) is to launch young adults into a life time commitment to joining God’s work in the world and actively pursuing God’s kingdom in local communities.  This is accomplished through…

  • Internships in businesses and social service organizations in which participants are mentored and gain experience in their field.

  • Community engagement and voluntary service opportunities.

  • Training in discipleship and leadership.

  • Connecting relationships with churches and each other.